DWM Paradise
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Welcome! I'll be your host, Android 21.

Dragon Warrior Monsters. DWM. Dragon Warrior- Terry's Wonderland. Whatever you want to call it, this great GBColor video game is the best. With a mix of Dragon Warrior and Pokemon, Dragon Warrior Monsters is a great game. It all started with Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo, and continued with II, III, IV, V, and VI. The Dragon Warrior series hit most RPG fans as an overall great series, until Dragon Warrior Monsters came. It took the fans of Pokemon and Dragon Warrior, and even RPG fans who didn't really care for either, and gathered them all to like this one great game. DWM has 215 monsters to catch, train, and breed into more powerful ones. They're your 'pals', and they're your only hope of getting yourself out of this world and saving your sister! Can you become the greatest Monster Master!?


A big welcome from RotRaven.