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DWM Paradise
Ultimate Monsters
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I will also post these on the Forums.

WARNING- I highly advise doing this somewhere near the end of the game, it takes a lot of patience and experience points for some monsters required.

Here's what we want-
A Coatol with-
MegaMagic, Quadhits, MultiCut, GigaSlash, HealUsAll, Defeat, BazooCall, HellBlast, BigBang (Optional)

Now for the hard part-
We're gonna need a SkyDragon and a MadKnight. Both you get earlier for free in the game. That takes care of GigaSlash and MultiCut.

DeadNoble- Ahhh, one o' my permanent team members, DeadNoble has HealUsAll and TatsuCall AND Defeat. That's three skills we need in ONE monster. To breed it, you're gonna need two DeadNites. That leaves us with BigBang, HellBlast, and MegaMagic. Now then, the-

2 DeadNites- Remember the ZapBird egg you got from MedalMan? Train it to get HellBlast. Then breed it with a devil to get Demonite. Breed Demonite with a zombie to get the first DeadNite. Now then, a Slime. As I always say, Slimes are underrated. Take one with MegaMagic and breed it with a devil to get Pixy. Breed it with a zombie to get the other DeadNite. Train both, breed, and get a DeadNoble with HealUsAll, BazooCall, MegaMagic, HellBlast, Defeat.

THE COATOL- Breed your ultimate DeadNoble with the MadKnight to get a MadKnight with HealUsAll, BazooCall, MegaMagic, HellBlast, Defeat, AND GigaSlash. Train it till it gets all the skills, then (this is optional, if you don't wanna go through the trouble for Divinegon) breed your SkyDragon with Divinegon to get a better SkyDragon with- BigBang, MultiCut. Breed your SkyDragon with MadKnight, and there's your ultimate Coatol!!!


Okey-dokey. You can't beat MMT because your healer dies too much, and without it your team is dead. Or your attacker isn't attacking because he's dead. Here ya go-

The solution to this problem is-
A RainHawk with-
GigaSlash, MegaMagic, QuadHits, TwinHits, HealUsAll, Revive, MultiCut, HealAll

Hmmm, who's the best beast healer in the game? Unicorn has HealAll and Revive in it's natural skill selection. That leaves us with how to get Unicorn. Breed Tonguella with a slime family member. So, train Unicorn till it gets HealAll and Revive, and onward we go.

Blizzardy is simply TOO easy to get. However, we can take advantage of this. To breed a Blizzardy, we're gonna need Teto's Yeti and ANY bird. Get my drift? We can manipulate around, and MadCondor seems to be the best choice. It has HealUs and MultiCut, so that leaves us with- GigaSlash, MegaMagic, QuadHits, TwinHits. But to breed it, we use any bird family and a CoilBird. Now then, we can manipulate s'more. For the bird, we'll use StubBird. It has TwinHits and is fairly easy to get. Hmmm, that leaves QuadHits, MegaMagic, and GigaSlash right? Not for long. We'll take a Roboster, who is also easy to get and has BiAttack (QuadHits). Now then a LizardMan. Yup, you guessed it, GigaSlash. Breed a dragon with a devil to get LM, then train it for GigaSlash. Breed with a material, and you've got an EvilWand. Breed EvilWand with Roboster for an EvilWand or Roboster depending on the pedigree. Now breed it with any bird to get CoilBird. It should have- GigaSlash, QuadHits. Now then, breed good ol' CoilBird with StubBird to get a MadCondor. Train it to get- GigaSlash, QuadHits, TwinHits, MultiCut, and HealUsAll. Ouch. Now breed it with Teto's Yeti. Train Blizzardy till it gets all the skills, then-

Getting close! Remember Unicorn? Breed it with a bird to get BullBird with HealAll and Revive. Breed BullBird with Grizzly (Beast plus Devil) to get Phoenix. Train Phoenix for HealAll and Revive. Yup, simple.

Phew, alright. Breed Phoenix with Blizzardy for RainHawk. You're thinking- 'But we don't have MegaMagic yet!!!'. Think again. MegaMagic is the natural skill of Slime and RAINHAWK. So train and you'll get em'.

This time, we're gonna make the ultimate healer-
A GoldSlime with-
Surge, Guardian, HealUsAll, Increase, Revive, HealAll, GigaSlash, MultiCut

Okay, I'm going to try a different format for this so here are the skill lists-

Surge- DracoLord2, GoldGolem, GoldSlime, RainHawk
Guardian (Cover)- Grendal, Ironturt, LavaMan, StoneMan
HealUsAll (HealUs)- Lionex, Healer, MadCondor, DeadNoble
Increase (Upper)- ArmorPede, ArmyCrab, BoxSlime, Catapila, CurseLamp, Healer, Saccer, SlimeNite
Revive (Vivify)- KingSlime, Mudron, Orc, Unicorn
HealAll (Heal, HealMore)- BigEye, DeadNite, Eyeder, Gremlin, Healer, KingSlime, Mudron, RogueNite, SlimeNite, TreeBoy, Unicorn, Wyvern
GigaSlash- Esterk, Lizardman, MadKnight
MultiCut- Balzak, SkyDragon, MadCondor

Section 1: Healer
By looking at these, we can already tell that Healer knows three- yes THREE- of our skills (HealUsAll, Increase, HealAll). Healer you should already have, and kept. If you don't have him anymore, breed a slime with a PillowRat/MadPlant/CopyCat/FunkyBird. Now keep him.

Section 2: Milayou's Skeletor
Seeing as you can breed with Milayou's Skeletor, and it has MultiCut and GigaSlash, you'll wanna breed it with a devil to get SkulRider. Train it till it gets MultiCut and GigaSlash. Now breed it with a beast for Grendal. Grendal has Cover (Guardian) so all we need now is Revive.

Section 3: KingSlime
KingSlime you should have caught in the Library Gate. It has Revive, so breed it with MetalDrak (you can catch it from a trainer with your team's total levels at 119+ or catch in the Bazaar Edge) to get a MetalKing. Breed your MetalKing with Healer to get a MetalKing with HealUsAll, Increase, HealAll, and Revive. Onward we go.

Section 4: The Second MetalKing
You'll need two-four Metalies for this. Catch two of them from the Well or Control Gates. Now breed Grendal with a slime for SlimeNite. Breed your new SlimeNite with one of the two Metalies. Now then train your new Metaly until it gets MultiCut, GigaSlash, and Guardian. Breed the two Metalies for a Metabble. Now you can either catch a Metabble from the Control Gate, or get another two Metalies. Breed your two Metabbles into the second MetalKing.

Section 5: The Final Chapter
Remember those two MetalKings? Hopefully you do. Breed them into GoldSlime an train it to get all the skills! Note- Surge is a natural skill of GoldSlime, don't worry..


QuadHits, Focus, TwinHits, WhiteAir, WhiteFire, Defeat, Defence, MultiCut

KingLeo already covers WhiteAir and QuadHits, so no need to worry about them.

Section 1: The Skills

Defeat (Beat)- DeadNoble, Blizzardy, EvilPot, Gophecada, Metaly, Mimic, Mudron
Focus- Akubar, DeathMore 3, HerbMan, Servant
TwinHits- AmberWeed, ArmorPede, BeanMan, ChopClown, CurseLamp, Pixy, StubBird
WhiteFire (FireAir)- BattleRex, DarkDrium, DeathMore2, DracoLord2, Dragon, DragonKid, DrakSlime, Gismo, LavaMan, LizardFly, Mirudraas2, Mudou, NiteWhip, Orochi, Phoenix, Pizzaro, Sidoh, SkyDragon, StagBug
Defence (Sap)- MadPecker, MadPlant, MedusaEye, Orc, Picky, Putrepup, Skeletor, TreeSlime, Voodoll
MultiCut- Balzak, SkyDragon, MadCondor

Section 2: Balzak
Balzak is so easy to get. Breed a LavaMan or Iceman (pick LavaMan) with a material. LavaMan has WhiteFire, so that covers that, and Balzak has Multicut. Breed Balzak with a Grizzly for Roboster. Simple section, isn't it?

Section 2: DanceVegi and Company
You should catch a BeanMan from Bazaar, Bravery, or Demolition. It has TwinHits, so breed it with good ol' FunkyBird to get HerbMan with Focus, TwinHits. Breed HerbMan with a Facer for DanceVegi, and DanceVegi with a zombie for Mudron. Mudron has Defeat, and should also have Focus and TwinHits. Breed your Mudron with a plant for AmberWeed. Breed AmberWeed with a slime for TreeSlime. TreeSlime should have Defeat, Focus, Twinhits, and Defence. Now breed it with a beast for PillowRat.

Section 3: KingLeo
Breed MadCat with PillowRat (Man, what a couple!) to get another MadCat. Breed MadCat with Roboster for KingLeo. Train it till it gets the skills, n' there you go!

Thanks to Slio9 for this one.

Ok I'm going to make the Ultimate GoldGolem with BigBang,BazooCall,HellBlast,Chance,
Multicut,HealUsAll,QuadHits,and Surge.Here I go.

Ok you know GoldGolem is made from a Iceman and Lavaman so...

The Iceman:Take a MetalDrak and WhiteKing to make this and
it covers Chance

The WhiteKing:To make the WhiteKing you need a DeadNoble,
(that takes care of HealUsAll)and a KingLeo Which takes care
of QuadHits.

The Lavaman:You need another MetalDrak and a Zapbird so the
ZapBird covers HellBlast

The Zapbird;Ok,you need a MadConnor to cover MultiCut and a
Gismo to get the Zapbird

The GoldGolem!! Breed the Iceman and Lavaman together,
(Iceman being the first) to get the GoldGolem!
(you might be thinking What about BigBang,BazooCall,and Surge?
Think again cause they are the 3 Natural skills of GoldGolem!

PS.2 notes, 1:you should do this later in the game,and
2:Remember that you need to have them learn the skill before breeding them!