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Kirby 64's Crystal Cavern
Collecting the Crystals


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Collecting the Crystals
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This guide doesn't refer to shards you get from bosses.

Pop Star

Stage 1-
#1- After crossing a river and going over a ramp in plain sight.
#2- At the black block at the river, use a bomb to uncover it.
#3- Beat the possessed Waddle Dee to earn his Shard.
Stage 2-
#1- On Waddle Dee's 'ride', follow the stars to get a Shard, then float back.
#2- Beat the huge Bouncy.
#3- Defeat Adeleine and her paintings.
Stage 3-
#1- Combine two cutters on the green spot in the 'well'.
#2- In the room after Adeleine, float to the left.
#3- Beat the evil Dedede.

Rock Star

Stage 1-
#1- Float over the 1-eyed blocks to find a Shard.
#2- Defeat the giant cactus.
#3- Use a stone-spark combo on the brown and yellow block.
Stage 2-
#1- On the bottom of the temple, there's a hole in the ground.
#2- In the room with the ghosts, floating below the stairs.
#3- In the 'Dedede maze'.
Stage 3-
#1- Bring in a stone power and use it on the skeleton.
#2- In the 2nd room, fall into the left hole. After battling the Fishbone, you'll be dropped next to it.
#3- It's in the waterway.
Stage 4-
#1- After the elevator it's in the center of the room.
#2- Use the spark-bomb combo at Adeleine, and push the corresponding buttons in the next room.
#3- Beat the big eye thing.

Aqua Star

Stage 1-
#1- In the room with the green balls, you should see it on your way up.
#2- Wipe the smile off o' that grinning white enemy.
#3- Ice-bomb combo on the bridge under the bridge under the, you know what I mean.
Stage 2-
#1- Above the DEFEATED crab, use a fire-stone combo.
#2- On the water Waddle-Dee ride.
#3- Under the last waterfall.
Stage 3-
#1- Bomb-cutter on the block next to the pile of rocks.
#2- Beat the boomerang-baddie.
#3- After falling all the down, use your rock-cutter combo on the matching block, then above the 1-up turn into Rick the rat and bounce your way to the shard.
Stage 4-
#1- At the top of the waterway, make it there fast.
#2- Next water room, next to the pole there's a shard.
#3- In the boulder room on the very bottom.

Neo Star

Stage 1-
#1- First room, inside a trap pit.
#2- Cliff room, climb to the bottom.
#3- Tree swings room, next to the falling log.
Stage 2-
#1- Falling, first room, left side.
#2- On the mine ride, make the third jump. It's above a block.
#3- Stone-bomb the brown-black wall.
Stage 3-
#1- 1st room, needle the orange block away.
#2- Room after Adeleine, 'carve' Adeleine's painting.
#3- Fall into the gap where the star floats, it's there.
Stage 4-
#1- As Dedede, hammer at the upper part of a wall.
#2- Use Ice on the little hump thing.
#3- Final room, left side as you flee the lava.

Shiver Star

Stage 1-
#1- Bobsled ride, jump over second igloo.
#2- Beat the snowman then use fire on the shard.
#3- Last frozen lake crack, then to the right.
Stage 2-
#1- After the bobbing colored platforms, fall into the next hole and head left.
#2- Inside the Zebon (green ball) shoot yourself upper-left.
#3- After the rather large enemy, use needle-spark on the 'box'.
Stage 3-
#1- 1st room, left side of the top.
#2- Beat the spider.
#3- Step on the corresponding buttons for Adeleine's fruit.
Stage 4-
#1- Drill each box to reveal the Shard.
#2- After the firebird, spark-cutter the cage.
#3- In the closing walls, on the right side of one floor.

Ripple Star

Stage 1
#1- Plain sight between two Ghost Knights.
#2- Beat the giant Sawyer.
#3- Needle-Bomb combo on the block in the river.
Stage 2
#1- Second room, Spark on the yellow block.
#2- Next room, in the water.
#3- Room after that, use Cutter on one of the pillars.
Stage 3
#1- First enemy room, beat all the enemies.
#2- Third enemy room, use needle-fire on the 'carpet'.
#3- Final enemy room, beat all the baddies.